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Our Story 3
Graduating from Melbourne University, we were fortunate enough to have worked under great mentors who were first and foremost, good people. As well as consolidating and refining our skills, we learnt the importance of running an ethical business where integrity and kindness go a long way.
Working for many years in Castlemaine and Ballarat, we felt the fulfilment of working in a close knit community and knew that we wanted to set up our own practice somewhere with the same beautiful vibe.
We saw that there was still a huge stigma associated with dentistry. We were sad that so many of the patients we met for the first time told us ‘ I hate going to the dentist!’.
Our vision was to get rid of the stigma, and design a dental practice where every thought went into creating positive patient experiences. We drew on our happy places for inspiration during the construction phase of our clinic – think your cosy living room, light-filled cafes, the ambience of a day spa.
We handpicked a team of caring and empathetic souls, who are simply amazing at what they do. We invested in great technology so that we could provide the best for our patients.
And voila, Gisborne Family Dental was born.
At Gisborne Family Dental, we are committed to delivering quality, comprehensive dentistry with the utmost integrity, and respect for our patients. We believe we have fully achieved our dreams!

Jacob & Rachel Founders & Owners of Gisborne Family Dental

As a 75 year old, I have attended more than 20 dentists during my lifetime. They were in many states of Australia as well as overseas. Some dentists I found were technically excellent but emotionally detached. Others I found to be caring but had none of the state-of-the-art equipment necessary for some complicated or urgently needed investigations or procedures. Others I found to have excellent relationships with their adult patients but little patience with their young ones. In my opinion, the Gisborne Family Dental team has been outstanding in every respect. As well as providing excellent professional expertise, the genuine caring approach by both the dental team and the office staff towards patients of all age ranges has been truly heartwarming. A special thanks to Dr Jacob and Dr Kimberley
Tamara G
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