Our Technology

When patients visit our practice, many of them comment on how much dentistry has progressed over the years. We believe in staying at the forefront of technological advances and investing in state-of-the-art equipment. We do our research, and we make sure that what we use for our patients doesn’t just look or sound ‘fancy’, but has the evidence and research to back it up. We believe that by remaining innovative and staying up to date on these advancements, we can provide our patients with the very best care.
Digital Radiography 2

Digital Radiography

With digital radiography, we have the benefit of obtaining vital information accurately and quickly, at a fraction of the radiation dose of traditional radiographs. We also have the equipment to take OPGs (full mouth radiographs) and skull imaging needed for wisdom teeth and orthodontic treatment planning. Many other practices would require patients to go elsewhere to have these radiographs done. Having the equipment in house is an added convenience for our patients and also means that you don’t need to schedule another appointment just to discuss radiographic findings since they can be assessed straight away.
Intra Oral Scanner 2

Intra-oral Scanner

Our iTero 3D scanner provides highly accurate digital impressions of your teeth. These scans are particularly useful for patients who undergo Invisalign treatment with us as it removes the need to have uncomfortable moulds taken of the whole mouth. Most of the patients who come to us, wanting to start Invisalign, are keen to get started as soon as possible. Digital impressions mean the turnaround time to begin the Invisalign process is so much quicker and easier.
Patient Comforts 2

Patient Comforts: Ceiling TVs, Noise-Cancelling Headphones

We also believe in using technology to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible during their dental visits. We understand many patients come to appointments anxious, wary of the unfamiliar sounds and sights around them, and would rather be doing something else rather than sitting idle with their mouth open! We give patients the opportunity to relax, enjoy their favourite TV show on Netflix, and use our noise cancelling headphones whilst having their dental treatment. We find these tools are particularly useful as a distraction tool for children who find it simply amazing that there are televisions hanging from the ceiling!
"We have had nothing but great experiences at Gisborne Family Dental. The kids always feel at ease, which is a great thing for us as parents. It’s the little things they do, like when having major work done for 45mins in the chair myself, they took the time to find the exact episode I was up to on a Netflix series to take my mind off the procedure and feel relaxed. Kind, caring, friendly and professional."
Erin McMahon

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