Cheerful mother with her daughter outdoor.

General dentistry covers many procedures, including prevention, diagnostics and treatment. Prevention is one of the easiest ways to keep your dental bill down. Regular check-ups with your dentist assist in identifying issues that may arise before they become painful and costly.

On your first visit, once you’re settled into our comfortable chair, your dentist will aim to use this time to get to know you better. We listen to any of your concerns regarding your oral health and your smile, discuss the positives and negatives of previous dental experiences, and really obtain in-depth background knowledge in our management and care for you.

Cheerful mother with her daughter outdoor.

A thorough examination of the head and neck region is performed, as these areas are in close relation to oral and dental health.
In the mouth, the hard and soft tissues, including the tongue and cheek, are also screened for any signs of undesirable conditions such as oral cancer. Dentists are at the frontline for early detection of these conditions which reaffirms the importance of regular dental check-ups.

Lastly, the teeth and gums are examined and charted for signs of disease and defects.

Specific tests are also performed to diagnose dental conditions such as cracked teeth, or to test the health of the nerve within a tooth. These help our dentists reach a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis in order to provide high quality dental care.

At times, your dentist may recommend dental X-ray radiographs for you. Dental radiographs are necessary to aid in diagnosis where direct visual examination is not possible, particularly between the teeth and underneath old fillings.

Radiography is a vital diagnostic tool to supplement visual examination. Your dentist may recommend dental radiographs to accurately detect problems which may not be visible to the naked eye. This includes dental decay between the teeth, dental cysts and abscesses, bone loss, and other dental abnormalities.

Periodic follow-up X-ray radiographs are recommended based on a risk assessment of each individual.

Our brand new practice has modern, state-of-the-art dental equipment. We have invested in digital radiography, whereby images are recorded on a sensor and transferred immediately for storage and viewing on the computer. Not only is this very efficient as the radiograph can be viewed almost instantly, but it also further reduces the already low dental radiation exposure to our patients. We have also found this to be more environmentally friendly as it means we don’t need to dispose of the harmful conventional radiograph processing chemicals into the environment.

Preventative dentistry is about preventing dental problems before they occur! We are passionate about preventing diseases because it’s the best way to ensure longevity of health. The key to prevention is early detection & education.

Practising the right toothbrushing and flossing techniques, as well as having a balanced diet, play a big part in ensuring our teeth are well maintained and reducing the risk of dental disease. We will advise you on a good oral hygiene regime which is tailored for your individual circumstances.
We recommended a preventative visit every 6 months. If there were any early signs of disease, they are quickly addressed. This saves our patients time and money, avoids painful problems, and they always have a good dental experience.

Teeth vary in shape and sizes between individuals – they are all unique!On some teeth, especially the molar teeth, there are deep grooves and pits that are prone to retaining plaque. This may eventually cause a cavity on the tooth, as toothbrush bristles are not able to brush away the plaque in these narrow grooves. Sometimes the grooves appear dark and stained which is a very good indicator that they have been retaining plaque consistently.
Our dentists can seal these high-risk grooves with a resin-based white fissure sealant, effectively changing the shape of the narrow grooves into a smoother surface.This significantly reduces the risk of a cavity, and makes it a lot easier for the patient to brush effectively too. Fissure sealants are an excellent preventative treatment option which aims to minimise the need for fillings.
Fissure sealants must be maintained and checked regularly to ensure they are still intact and performing effectively. Thus, it is important that patients attend for their 6-monthly dental check-ups.

We certainly do! Everyone is unique and certainly mouthguards are definitely not “one size fits all”!
We make custom-fitted sports mouthguards in your favouritecolour to ensure utmost dental protection, whilst looking stylish on the field.

Custom-fitted mouthguards are comfortable, secure, and provides a level of safety far more superior than off-the-shelf mouthguards.

Tooth Mousse strengthens tooth structure by replenishing minerals that may have been lost from the tooth. It is made up of calcium and phosphate ions suspended within a milk protein – these ions are the “building blocks” of natural tooth structure.

Tooth Mousse is best applied just before bed every night, and it is suitable for both adults and children for prevention of dental decay, as well as reversing the effects of early dental decay. It is also used for patients with sensitive teeth and erosion, and widely recommended as part of the dental treatment regime for patients suffering from medical conditions causing dry mouth, vomiting and reflux.