A common misconception is that all wisdom teeth need to be extracted. This is not always true, although sometimes there are valid reasons for having them taken out.
These are some of the reasons why we would recommend extracting one or more of your wisdom teeth:

  • There is not enough space for them to erupt fully.
  • You are unable to clean them effectively, and it has caused decay to the teeth or caused gum disease.
  • They are erupting in an unusual position, sometimes even horizontally
  • You have had pain/infection symptoms multiple times where the wisdom teeth are coming through.

If you get any pain, swelling, difficulty opening your mouth, swollen glands or gum/cheek irritation, it is recommended that you have your dentist check the area so that we can give sound advice on how best to manage your individual situation. We will usually obtain a full mouth radiograph (OPG) so that we can check the position of the wisdom tooth/teeth.